How it Works

What you will receive:

  • one glass
  • five beer tokens
  • one map
  • an epic city experience

When choosing to buy a Copenhagen Beerwalk package, you create your own beer tasting tour and you can visit up to 20 good beer bars in different areas of the city. This is a good way to meet the locals and at the same time taste good craft beer from both far away and local micro-breweries. 

Copenhagen Beerwalk is available all year round. Take your time, and treat yourself and your sweetheart, your family or your friends to a beerwalk. It’s a perfect start to a fun afternoon or evening in Copenhagen.

The Copenhagen Beerwalk package includes an exclusive Copenhagen Beerwalk tasting glass (15 cl), five tokens for five beers and a map with the 20 bars marked.

When you purchase the beerwalk online, you will receive a voucher in your inbox. Simply redeem it at Tours & Tickets, conveniently located inside the Central Train St. and at Nyhavn. 

Redeem your voucher here:

Tours & Tickets Copenhagen
Bernstorffsgade 14, 1577 Copenhagen

Opening Hours: 

September-May | Monday to Sunday 9:00-17:00
June-August | Monday to Sunday 9:00-18:00

 Tours & Tickets Nyhavn

Holbergsgade 30, 1057 København

Opening Hours: 

September-May | Monday to Sunday 9:00-16:00
June-August | Monday to Sunday 9:00-17:00

Already in Copenhagen?

You can purchase the package from the two Tours & Tickets shops. They are in stock. Stop on by and ask for the best Copenhagen Beer Experience!

Need to know more?
We've gathered a few often asked questions for you here

Do I have to use the 5 tokens at 5 different bars?

We are pretty proud of these bars and their selections. It may just happen you enjoy the first place so much you stay there. That is no problem. You can use the tokens at one bar, three bars or five. 

When are the bars open?

Check each individual bar’s description for opening hours and location. This is listed on the map you receive when you redeem your voucher. 

Will my glass get all sticky in my bag? 

Nope! When you’re finished your beer and ready to move onto the next, simply ask the friendly bartender to rinse it. Ta-da! All ready for the next taste explosion!

Do my tokens expire? 

Good question! No stress, plenty of time. You have 6 months from the time of purchase to redeem your voucher and another 6 months after redemption to use your 5 tokens. 

Can I use my tokens on all the beer taps?

Yes, with a few exceptions. Most bars allow you to choose from every tap. Check with the individual bar when you enter to double check. But we promise a wide (and delicious) variety available at each stop.

What is the Legal Drinking Age in Denmark?

It's 18. At the bars, you need to provide a valid ID to be served.

What are the opening hours for the bars?

You will get an overview of the opening hours in the map when you redeem your voucher. Most are open everyday with a few exceptions. 

Can I keep the glass?

Of course! It is your memory of those epic beers you had that one time in Copenhagen.

Do you offer private tours?

Absolutely! We can organize a private tour with one of our beer experts! (ok, no formal education, but we promise the guide is funny and knowledgeable about beers) Contact us with your specific wishes and we will get back to you wth a quote.